Direct Study Week1

direct study weekly report (Jan11-Jan17)

Brief summary

  1. static mesh pipeline 
  2. getting started with Daz3d and Unreal Engine

Key activity

This week I am working on FBX animation pipeline with Unreal Engine4.6. There are three methods of import fbx files in UE, static mesh, skeletal mesh and animation options. The problem is all the textures should be a power of two. So I edited the textures in photoshop manually and reassigned them to the model. (I have no idea how to automatically change the textures.) Then it looks good in UE.


model in Maya


mesh in UE without textures


finally get textures on

I also try to import the skeleton and see if it can works on other models. But unfortunately the size of the model is not the same.


  • all the textures should be a power of two
  • can’t get skeleton work on other models


To do

  • modify textures in batch processing
  • animation pipeline


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